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About Us

Dr Prints & Co. [pronounced Doctor Prints and Company] is a micro, female led & family run business based in Sheffield, England. The company was founded by Charlotte (Lotte) Seymour in late 2019 and has developed so much since then.

We are the only Nail & Beauty industry print specialist, focusing our products and services towards nail & beauty professionals. Our in-house artist and Dr Prints & Co. founder Lotte designs & creates all our products herself. She too is a fellow nail professional! 


Our main focus are high quality printed products for the nail and beauty industry, manufacturing products in-house to help make the lives of busy professionals easier.


We are the original creators of the revolutionary nail tarot card game, Manicure Roulette® - as seen on Instagram, TikTok & salons around the world.

The Story of Dr Prints® & Co.

Dr Prints®& Co. was initially dreamt up by Lotte [our founder] during a time of illness in 2018, when she was unsure of what the future held as she began her journey into the world of chronic illnesses.


She was forced to give up undertaking her MSc degree in Biomaterials & Regenerative Medicine and take a medical leave of absence from her studies. After a hard 6 months of receiving lots of diagnosis and making significant lifestyle changes, she was finally on her way to restarting her MSc course and had decided to train as a nail professional, to help gain some financial freedom.

That’s where our Dr Prints®& Co. story really begins. Lotte found her way into the world of the Nail & Beauty industry. On a whim she decided to launch a Dr Prints® where she began designing art wall prints based on the nail products she was using and created our very first line print collections.


These prints were based on Bio Sculpture Ethos products and after launching these as digital prints, we were approached by ReNew Beauty with an extremely kind offer to help us change Dr Prints® into what it is today. We are forever grateful that ReNew beauty saw our potential and helped to water the seed that has turned into the blossomed flower of Dr Prints®& Co.

We’ve since worked tirelessly to find the best printing methods, paper and packaging for our products.​ We now focus on our Archival Salon Prints & Stationery products, alongside some other branded products available on independent websites.


Our Founder

Founder Charlotte (Lotte) Seymour, BSc, MSc.

Creator of Manicure Roulette®, Mani-Science and Dr Prints® & Co.

Meet Lotte - the founder and in-house artist of Dr Prints & Co.


Lotte holds an BSc in Dental Technology & an MSc in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine, alongside being a fellow Nail Professional.

Whilst Lotte no longer has the time to work in-salon, she continues to help support the Nail & Beauty industry with creative & useful products to make the lives of Nail Professionals easier. Along with educational materials, utilising her scientific background to help nail professionals understand the complexities of Gel Nail Products and adverse reactions.

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The Family Team

Currently we're a super small team of just four womenwho collaboratively work to keep the clogs turning, creating all Dr Prints® & Co. products in-house.


Our Other Products

Many more ideas have been spinning around Lotte's creative brain and in April 2022, we launched the world's first salon nail card game, that is tarot inspired & designed to let fate decide your nails known famously as Manicure Roulette®.

Manicure Roulette® is designed & created by our Founder, in-house Artist & Nail Technician Lotte, who creates all the artwork and designs for our products.​ The concept was developed to focus the creativity back to the nail artist at work, to avoid mimicking others designs and focus creativity, to produce nail designs & ideas you may never usually imagine.

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